For a solid decade, Corona Extra Racing has challenged the field in AMA Pro Racing, winning championships and infusing the race paddock with a sense of enthusiasm and fan-friendly attitude that made "racing to the lime" more than just a clever tag line.

2010 will mark the first year since 2000 that the colorful Team Corona Extra will be absent from the American race scene due to circumstances that have forced everyone to cut back, regroup and, in our case, wait until the series gets back on track.

Looking forward to the future with a genuine sense of optimism and a legacy of past achievement, Corona Extra Racing plans to return with even more of what makes "racing to the lime" so much fun for all our partners, friends and fans.

In the meantime, please enjoy a look back at where we've been since the circus rolled into town.

Having had the pleasure of working with ace pilots like Jimmy Moore, Vincent Haskovec, Anthony Gobert, Adam Fergusson, Neil Hodgson, Jake Holden, and a host of others over the years, racing across the USA and to the other side of the planet, Corona Extra Racing looks forward to an even brighter and more challenging future pinning the throttle and scraping the knee pucks off.

Image by Brian J. Nelson

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