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Curtis Adams Leathers Curtis Adams Leathers

"24 Hours.  A short period of time in the scope of eternity.  24 Hours Endurance Racing: a span of time longer than eternity."

In September 1999, after a hiatus of seven years, the WERA National Endurance Series reinstated its most grueling and demanding event, the 24 Hours of Willow Springs.  A race will break some teams and reward those teams most tenacious and prepared.

Team EBSCO Suzuki Corona Extra came prepared with a Heavyweight Superstock Hayabusa that would win its class in this remarkable event, finishing 2nd overall, and a team that seems now, looking back, like one truly for the ages.

Aside from a small tear below the right knee puck, the Vanson Leather suit picutred left remains in almost new condition, having only been worn once by Curtis Adams exclusively for this event.

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The Masters

Taking turns racing around the "fastest track in the west" that historic weekend were: Dave Deveau, Doug Polen, Curtis Adams, Andrew Trevitt, Cal Rayborn, Tom Montano and Mark McDaniel.

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